Park Rules

Please take the time to read the following information.  Your co-operation in observing these rules will be greatly appreciated and will ensure that everyone has a relaxing, safe and enjoyable stay.

Kiosk/Office Hours

Displayed on the front door (vary during seasons)

Check Ins/Departures

Check-in times are:

Powered/Unpowered sites: 11am

Cabins/Villas/Bunkhouse: 2pm

Departing guests are to vacate sites and accommodation by 10am on the day of departure. No refunds or credits are given if your stay is cut short for any reason.

Cabins/Villas ONLY

You are allowed to place a gazebo at your cabin or villa. Lakeside cabins: place at the side (where you would park your car). Villas: Villa 1 & 3 place at back or side of villas. Villa 2 must be placed at the back.


ALL pets are to be on a lead at all times and are not allowed in/at/or or around the cabins, villas or bunkhouse under any circumstances. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. Pets are not allowed inside cabins, villas, the bunkhouse complex (including decks), amenities blocks or any other buildings. Should pets, or evidence of pets, be found in accommodation units, the guest will be charged one (1) additional nights accommodaton at rack rate.


Generators are allowed from 7.00am to 9.00pm only.


Chainsaws are not permitted to be used in the park.


PROVIDED THERE IS NO FIRE BAN small camp fires are allowed. No rubbish is to be burnt in fires. Fires must be contained within fireplaces with no logs/wood protruding. Please check at the kiosk to see if any fire bans or other restrictions are in place. Collection of firewood is prohibited within the park. If staying on Terraces, guests must only use fire pits provided.


Noise is to be kept to a minimum particularly after 9.30pm.


Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in the amenities at all times. Please keep shower times to a minimum.

Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchens are for the use of all patrons staying or visiting the park - please clean after use.

Fishing Permit

A permit can be obtained online at (follow the link to 'Purchase a SIPS Permit'), at Australia Post or by calling 1300 575 359 during business hours.


Garbage is to be place in wheelie bins or skip bins. All fishing waste is to be placed in the red fish bins ONLY located at the fish cleaning area in front of Amenities Block 2.


No smoking in or around buildings.

Maintenance work on vehicles or boats is not permitted within the park area.

All road rules and speed limits must be complied with. DO NOT EXCEED 20 km/hr in park. Please reduce your speed near children.

All Queensland boating and fishing rules apply to the dam.

Do not remove any bollards that are erected in the park.

Unruly behaviour or failure to follow the guidelines may result in campers being asked to leave the camping and recreation area and forfeit any fees paid.

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