Park Rules


Please take the time to read the following information.  Your co-operation in observing these rules will be greatly appreciated and will ensure that everyone has a relaxing, safe and enjoyable stay.


Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and must not be allowed to play in or around the amenities block. ~ Please keep shower times to a minimum, both for water usage and waiting times for other campers. ~ No hot water to be taken from the amenities blocks (hot water is available from the Camp Kitchen).

Bush Walk

From Lakeside up to Lookout, Dam Wall (past Bunk House and Caravan Park) approximately 4 klms (one way).

Camp Fires - are permitted in some areas

Please keep to a sensible size and in a contained area. Keep away from trees and put out properly when not is use ~ safety is a priority. ~ Please do not burn rubbish, glass or metal items in fires. ~ Firewood is available for purchase at kiosk. Chainsaws are not permitted in the park.

Camp Kitchen

Facility is available for use by all campers ~ please clean after each use.


Of trenches and holes is permitted if necessary ~ Please refill prior to leaving.


Of native animals is not permitted.


Are payable on arrival or in advance at the Kiosk.

As part of the terms and conditions of staying at the Lake Boondooma Caravan & Recreation Park guests are requested to ask the park manager for a receipt for all monies paid for accommodation.


Lake Boondooma is well stocked with Australian Bass, Yellow Belly and Silver Perch.  Fishing Permits are required and can be purchased online here, over the counter at Australia Post or call 1300 575 359 during business hours.


Unleaded & Premium is available. Ask at the Kiosk.


Is to be placed in Wheelie Bins provided ~ Garbage is collected each morning or afternoon.


Are allowed from 7am to 9pm ~ your co-operation in strictly observing these times is required as a courtesy to fellow campers.


Has a large range of convenience items including bread, groceries, ice-creams, fishing tackle, lures, bait, camping gear, lifejackets, souvenirs, gas, ice and much more.

Information relating to Lake Boondooma and surrounding areas is also available.


Washing machines and dryers are available for use by all campers. Machines require $1.00 coins.


Work on vehicles or boats etc is not permitted anywhere in the park.


To ensure all campers enjoy their stay, please keep noise to a minimum, particularly after 9pm.


Are welcome in the Park. ~ Owners are required to control their pets at all times (on a leash) and clean up after them. ~ Pets are not allowed inside Cabins the Bunk House complex (including decks), Amenities Blocks or in any other buildings.


Limit is strictly 20km and 10km per hour (as sign posted) throughout the park ~ All road rules must be complied with.


Is prohibited inside all buildings at the camping and recreation area.

Tennis Court

Is free of charge for campers ~ you will require to supply your own tennis gear. (Fees apply for night use)


A charge is made on extra persons staying overnight and campers are responsible for booking their visitors in on arrival.

Water Activities

Are enjoyed by boaties, skiers, paddlers and swimmers ~ please obey all water safety rules!  Information and brochures can be obtained from the Kiosk.

Unruly behaviour or failure to follow the guidelines may result in campers being asked to leave the camping and recreation area and forfeit any fees paid.

at the Lake